Jana Skarecky


Photographs from Jana's Crystal Moments and Frozen Treasures series were featured in Luminous 2020, a photography exhibition at Heliconian Hall in Toronto

"A burning bush in our garden is the source of Frozen Treasures. Crystal Moments come from the countryside near where I live. With every twig covered in ice, the trees take on the life of colour and sparkle with an inner beauty in the light of the sunrise. Sunrise is the beginning of a day not yet lived, a day we can fill with whatever we choose. Sunrise brings promise and hope.”

Photographs from Jana's Upward series were featured in the Luminous 2019 photography exhibition at Heliconian Hall

In the summer of 2018, I traveled to Greece. An amazing country of light and colour, sun and shade, hills and valleys – everything is either uphill or up stairs! But the effort and energy it takes to climb can bring a breathtaking view, a quiet courtyard, or a blossom... Life often surprises us that way.”