Jana Skarecky


Jana Skarecky is a Canadian painter and photographer.  

"In my artistic work I seek to express something that comes from that mysterious place beyond physical reality – where everything that is really important in life lives. I try to be sensitive to moments when I notice connections between things, between ourselves and the world, ourselves and spirit. Nature often awakens these moments for me. In what I create I want to express life and energy, to capture something that lies beyond what one sees and hears – to let the intangible become visible or audible.  For me painting and music are branches of the same tree. As a composer and a visual artist, I find the two forms of expression enrich and transform one another, leading to something new. I hope that my work may help others to discover and celebrate their own moments, and to feel encouraged and empowered to live their lives to the fullest."

To purchase or commission visual art from Jana, please contact her.

Art cards featuring Jana's visual art are also available.