Jana Skarecky

Artist Biography

Jana Skarecky is a Canadian visual artist and photographer.

Jana was born in the Czech Republic and came to Canada at the age of ten. As an artist she works primarily in the medium of acrylics. She has also worked with watercolours, especially with the veil painting technique. She has been a member of the Art Section of the Toronto Heliconian Club since 2011 and regularly exhibits her paintings and photographs at Heliconian Hall.

Some of Jana's art has been commissioned, and her paintings can be found in private homes in Canada and the United States. There have been eight different exhibitions of Jana’s paintings at the Adamson Estate in Mississauga — “And all the stars flowered in the sky” (2003), “Veils” (2004), “Healing of the Earth” (2005), “Circles of Life” (2006),  “Mountain and Forest” (2007), “Fire and Sun” (2008), “SunFire” (2009), “Play of Light” (2010), “Earth Arising” (2011) . Her work has also been exhibited by Visual Arts Mississauga and the ACA Gallery in Toronto, as well as in Kitchener-Waterloo, Brampton, Bath, Stratford, New York, and Odense, Denmark.

Besides being an artist, Jana is a composer whose works have been performed on four continents. She teaches piano and music theory and is a faculty member of the Royal Conservatory of Music. She finds working as a composer and an artist a stimulating combination. Working with an idea in both the medium of music and that of painting can spark something new in each area. Many of her paintings were created in parallel with her compositions. One could say she paints music.

Concerts featuring Jana’s compositions are often accompanied by displays of her art. Her paintings of mountains and forests have been exhibited at performances of her opera about Emily Carr, and her art exhibition “Healing of the Earth” was accompanied by a concert of her compositions on this theme. Her series of paintings entitled “Veils” accompanied the premiere of the composition “One More Veil that Falls Away” for cello and piano. In 2017, Jana celebrated her 60th birthday in Toronto with "Time Tributaries", a concert of her compositions combined with an exhibition of her art.